College Countdown: What I’ve Learned So Far

The lessons I’ve learned throughout the application and pre-college process have been many to say the least.  But one of the things I think is important (and often undiscussed) is that of decorating your dorm room.

Maybe this is something unexpected (or completely expected of a superficial teenage girl), but hear me out.  We college freshmen are entering a life that is totally unknown to us; filled with challenges in every form.  From going to new classes, to having to make all new friends, to cooking for ourselves, to  cleaning up after ourselves, and to holding ourselves accountable (maybe for the first time), college is a scary place.  And, what I’ve learned from the really fun experience of dorm room shopping, is that in a world of unknown variables and unlimited uncertainties (how about that alliteration), your dorm room ought to be the one place you feel at home and comfortable.

Your dorm room is where you can bring the best parts of your home with you, and feel at peace in your own energy- every space filled with your tastes, comforts, and decorations that project YOU.

I, like many others I’m sure, went into it with the tendency of choosing decorations and supplies to impress others (I found myself picking things out because I imagined that’s what people would find most modern, whether or not it was my favorite), but what I realized along the way, is that the necessary collegiate journey of self discovery begins with your home away from home, and that every pillow, blanket, and even the silverware you pick out, are the starting points for that change.

Aside from our first houses and first apartments, this underrated but also essential home is our first chance to identify our individuality and create a environment that supports and promotes it.

So, when you do go dorm room shopping, I’d just like to say, you aren’t superficial or silly for wanting things ‘just so’, or for picking a color scheme- these steps are incredibly important in giving you a SECURE and COMFORTABLE haven to rest your head at night, while you discover more about the person you want be, and the person you will endeavor to grow into over four years.



To see my dorm room reveal in a couple weeks, follow Bibliophilia to get updates on new blog posts!


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