Back Home Again in Indiana

Gooood morning hoosiers (and inhabitants of America alike!)  Never did I think I would be up this early after a long day of travels…but I suppose it makes sense, as I went to bed last night at approximately 8:01 pm.

I am safe and sound at home, with several more fun travel stories to tell; which I will devote this blog post to.

The long plane ride from London to Toronto was about 7h30min, so slightly longer the way back than the way there.  Everything was fine, and going smoothly until about the last 30 minutes of the ride, when out of nowhere, sirens start blaring.  A few passengers immediately begin to panic; strapping themselves in, grabbing the hands of their travel companions, etc.  Surprisingly, the flight attendants also got a little panicked; 4 of them rushed forward and one of them took the phone to make the announcement “We need backup!” All seemed to be coming to a dramatic head, until I realized that the sirens were coming from one of the lavatories.  A sheepish looking passenger walks out of the door, holding up some sort of e-cigarette, exclaiming as he did so “I didn’t know the no smoking rule applied to e-cigarettes!” (…not the sharpest tool on the shed…News flash: anything that smokes will set off the fire alarms!)

He sat back down in his seat, being mocked by his 6 buddies, before receiving a stern talking-to by the flight attendants, who also let him know that he could have been arrested for what he had done.

Not thinking much of it, it did seem a little strange when, before we could exit the plane, there was an announcement that everyone must retake their seats and pull their bags out of the aisle (easier said then done when you have a carry on suitcase stuffed to the brim with souvenirs).

On came border control, with three armed officers who surrounded the man with the e-cigarette (in case he should decide to make a run for it), and escorted him off the plane; much to the irritation of his friends.

I foresee a hefty fine in his future!

On our flight from Toronto to Indianapolis, about 10 minutes before we descended into the Indianapolis International Airport, we were struck by lightning!

Mom and I were sitting in the front row, having a chat with the flight attendant when there is a flash of white light (which wasn’t heavenly, I can assure you) and the sound of an explosion!  It looked like it had come from the cabin door, which of course made everyone worried that the door had lost its pressurization.  I thought something had blown  up in the cabin, which I think the flight attendant was worried about too because he hurried to the back of the plane and made a call to the captains.  They assured him it was ‘nothing to worry about, just a lightning strike’.

On my part, I’m kind of proud to say I witnessed a lightning strike- I wasn’t too scared after about 20 seconds (when I had made sure that the plane wasn’t nose-diving toward the ground).

But, we made it alive and well to Indianapolis where Michael picked us up and took us home.

What an exciting end to an exciting trip!  Between having to sleep in the airport on the way there, watch a guy get escorted off the plane by border control, and getting struck by lightning, I’d say I’ve almost seen it all (but wouldn’t necessarily be sorry not to witness anything else exciting on plane rides)!

Thank you one more time for reading this blog as I posted everyday- your support really means a lot!

The End.


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