London Trip- Day 5. “I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading!”

Following our literary trend, we spent the day at Bath to see the Jane Austen Centre!

Though this day began with a rough start, it was definitely a great experience.  We began on the Underground, heading to the National Rail Station at Paddington to take us to Bath, a distance about bath spa train1h30m away.  But, the Circle line didn’t arrive on time- no matter how many times I checked the time and regardless of how many curses I shouted at it in my head.  When we finally did arrive at the Paddington station (with 4 minutes to spare), we still had to pick up our tickets- not an easy machine to find, and certainly not one able to be found in 4 minutes.  As you’re probably guessing from the tone of this post… we missed the train!

However, lucky enough for us, our tickets entitled us to use any train to or from Bath throughout the day.  So, we waited in the little ‘lobby’ area for about an hour and boarded the new train to Bath.

Despite the rain, we made our way toward the town’s centre- which is one of the prettiest cities I have seen so far on this trip and many other trips alike.  We ducked into a fancy alleyway to get out of the rain, and ate at a new restaurant called “Dough”, where we had a nice margherita pizza before continuing on our way.

After asking directions from several locals, we found the centre, and bought our tickets just in time for the next guided introduction.  I loved learning so much about Jane Austen’s life and family, as well as her inspirations for her many of her books- that actually stemmed from her extended stay in Bath.  All the employees were once again dressed in costume, and very knowledgeable about all things Austen.

lizzy bennet

Once our tour at the center was over, and we had scoured through every nook and cranny in the gift shop, we wandered around Bath for the remainder of our time there, before we had to go back to the train station.

I started prom dress shopping, and though finding several that I liked, wasn’t ready to ‘seriously commit’ to anything I tried on.  (Which I felt bad about, especially when a piece of one of the dresses got caught in the zipper and two women + a pair of scissors had to cut that piece of the dress off.  Good thing it was only the ‘hanger ribbon’ and served no real purpose in the dress.)

Again on the way home our train was delayed, due to some kind of mechanical problem on the track that caused a backup of all the trains and made us go very slowly (I don’t know what the speed limit is for the trains- but I know we weren’t going fast enough).

Now, here I sit, after having enjoyed a take away meal in my pjs, about to FaceTime the grandparents to tell them about our day.

More to come tomorrow!

P.S. Beware the National Rail Service…but brave it anyway to see Bath!


One thought on “London Trip- Day 5. “I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading!”

  1. Reading a sentence that begins “Despite the rain” tells me you’re having the true British experience. Keep calm and carry an umbrella!

    And just think; you had another quintessential experience: consulting a train schedule! How many crimes did Holmes solve with a train time table? And what about Christie? Be glad you weren’t on the 4:50 from Paddington!

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