London Trip- Day 1, Pt. 2


If you couldn’t tell from my enthusiastic use of all capitalized letters and exclamation marks, I’m so relieved and excited to finally have gotten settled into our hotel room!  (If you still don’t believe me, picture a choir of angels spouting glitter as they sing Hallelujah!…yeah, thats how I’m feeling).

We made it through customs and we successfully got out bags!

Once we made it into our room (and checked in with family of course), we went to go scope out a late night (American dinner time) meal.  Sadly, all the local restaurants were closed, so we settled for a KFC that was around the corner.

Though we definitely missed some time today,  which we had planned to spend at Harrod’s, I’m confident that we can make it up tomorrow- even if that means we have to delay or cancel our trip to the Charles Dickens Museum (Sorry Mr. Dickens…it’s really nothing personal…).

Tomorrow’s Itinerary:

-British Museum

-Buckingham Palace


-Charles Dickens Museum?

Now that we have some food in our bellies and a nice bed in lieu of airport chairs, I think we can finally (and properly) say goodnight.

So…goodnight Americans, even though for you guys its about 3-4 hours earlier than the earliest acceptable bedtime.

Tomorrow, our adventure beings!


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