11 Book Reading List

Beginning this March as I look forward to two fabulous trips to Rome, Italy and Strasbourg, France (Yes, I know, I’m spoiled), I’ve decided to resemble a reading list (books and lists happen to be my two favorite things), of what I hope to accomplish in the next two months.

1. Great Expectations- a famous book that I will take with me across the pond and to Italy!

2. Moby Dick- A monstrous book about a monstrous whale, that I am going to endeavor to read finally!

3. Mansfield Park- I’m embarrassed to call myself an Austenite when I haven’t read it yet!

4. Unbroken- A gift from last Christmas (thank you Mary!) that I have heard great things about!

5. Fountain Head- See my “Chbosky’s Challenge” page!

6. On the Road- See my “Chbosky’s Challenge” page!

7. A Separate Piece- See my “Chbosky’s Challenge” page!

8. This Side of Paradise- See my “Chbosky’s Challenge” page!

9. The Stranger- See my “Chbosky’s Challenge” page!

10. Walden- See my “Chbosky’s Challenge” page!

11. Naked Lunch- See my “Chbosky’s Challenge” page!

Have you read any of these books?  Or do you have a good reading list of your own?  Comment below and let me hear about it!


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