Project: Hope

Welcome back and Happy 2015! I hope that this year treats you right- you deserve it! This post is going to be a little different, because I won’t be doing a book review! Instead, I will be talking about something very exciting that I’ve worked for- and finally accomplished. I’ve written and published my first book!

This book, entitled “Project: Hope” relates the true stories of refugee kids and their lives after moving to the United States, specifically Indianapolis! For those who aren’t clear on the subject, a refugee is someone who is forced to uproot their life and move due to persecution for their religion, beliefs, race, ethnicity, and more. These people generally move to refugee camps, where life is harsh and cruel. They cannot leave the camps, nor can they work to provide food for their loved ones.

That being said, there are a select few heroic families who- thanks to the United Nations- manage to leave those refugee camps in search for a better life. Many of them make their way to Indianapolis, Indiana, and are received by Exodus Refugee, and organization that helps them reboot their lives in their new home.

Throughout my journey of writing this book, I was fortunate enough to meet with several of these families, and help them give a voice to the struggles they had been through, and the perseverance that helped them along the way. I talked to kids from ages 6-19 and from places like India, Congo, Kenya, and Burma.

Though this book is different from your typical biography, I truly believe that it is essential to learn about the world that we live in- be it a couple miles away or a couple oceans.

Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 8.39.14 AM“Project: Hope”, expressed through poetry, journal entries, and reflections, is available on the following websites for purchase:

Please consider making “Project: Hope”, by Madelyn Neal, your new read, to support and raise awareness about the plight of refugees globally. For more information or questions, please email:


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